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Membership: Cumberland Chapter of URISA

Please fill out the membership form below, hit the "Submit" button, then proceed to the "Payment Options" section below. IF YOU HAVE NOT SUBMITTED YOUR 2019 MEMBERSHIP DUES PLEASE DO SO NOW!!.

Members renewing for 2019 do not need to fill out another membership form, unless your information has changed. Please continue to the payment section to submit your dues.

A PDF Membership Form is available for those who would like to print and mail a copy.

Payment Options

Please complete and submit the above membership form prior to submitting your payment (for renewals, no need to resubmit your membership form, unless there is a change in your information).


Please make the check payable to Cumberland Chapter of URISA and mail it to:

Brandon Lewis, Treasurer - Cumberland Chapter of URISA
c/o Vaughn & Melton
2480 Fortune Drive, Suite 220
Lexington, KY 40509


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